Hey guys,

Anyone here use the newest critter getter video 2.0 board?

I posted at hags but don't seem to be getting any replies and can't seem to be able to contact Jim.

The issue seems to be in the main program loop with interupt.

I have tried all ways, rewritten the code several times but it is still not functioning the cam once it reaches the main loop cycle.

When fired up, it does its warmup, on for 30 seconds, cam turns on and stays on during this period too, as does the array/LED's and the walktest light.

Once it jumps out of warmup, it goes into Walktest as normal and seems to work fine there.

Once Walktest is over, it checks the cds for day/night and then goes to the main program loop.

Once in this loop, it no longer sees an event or motion.

As mentioned, I've redone this section of code all the ways I know how and still it's a no go.

I put the original code back in the picaxe editor and ran a simulation and it for whatever reason stays in the main program loop, even after turning the pin on for the pir trigger using the window chip simulator.

So, anyone have any ideas, something else I may be missing ?
The vidcam works fine as is, I've tried multiple other good hacked cams and it still does the same thing so I know it has an issue in the main program loop with interupt code.

Below is the main program loop w/ interupt.

Inc checkcdstimer
If checkcdstimer > 2084 then
High cdspwr
Readadc cdsread,lightlevel
Low cdspwr
If lightlevel < nightsetting then
Elseif lightlevel >=daysetting then
Goto mainprogramloop

Pause 50
If pirinput = 0 then
Setint %00100000, %00100000
High mic
If daystatus=0 then
High spotlight
High campwr
Pause powerontime
Low campwr
Pause shutterdelay
High camsht
Pause shutterontime
Low camsht
Sleep videolength
High camsht
Pause shutterofftime
Low camsht
Pause 2000
High campwr
Pause powerofftime
Low campwr
Pause 500
If spotlighton=1 then
Low spotlight
Low mic
Sleep delaybetweenvideos
Setint %00100000,%00100000

Any ideas, help or whatever would be great.

p.s. Ralph, if this is in the wrong spot, please move it to where ever you think is best.
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Update -

It took 7 straight hours of troubleshooting and code rewrites but I got it.

I ended up just rewriting the code starting with the main program loop and then had to rework each section to work with each new section...lol

Anyway, got her all coded up and timings are perfect including all dips. Now it's back to finishing up the build, just waiting for an 8v voltage regulator and a couple connectors from Ralph and she'll be ready to rock n roll...
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Well that sounds like a big headache but l am glad that you got it figured out. Keep up the good work and updates. I think the reason why you didn't get a response from Hags is l reckon most don't know it is working again. I am sure if you had put your question on Camtrapper you would have got a response.
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