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I added a little more to this build. Reprogrammed it so it takes 1 still picture then either 30 second or 1 minute video clip that is selected using Dip #1 on the safari board and then takes 1 more still picture at the end. If motion is still detected the cycle is repeated. I added an Opto Backpacker to control the video remote to free up the added terminal for the shutter wire. I also added a Receiver Backpacker and a Remote PIR so now it will be activated by the Safari board pir or the Remote PIR, whichever detects motion. Bench testing so far shows everything working as I want it to.

Safari SMT Camera Controller, Mosfet Backpacker, Power Backpacker, Opto backpacker and Receiver Backpacker
IMG_1027 (800x533).jpg IMG_1029 (800x533).jpg  Remote PIR unit
IMG_1030 (800x533).jpg   


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That's quite the stack of boards Ralph! I really like that first still picture then the video clip, gives you options. Look forward to hearing how your next phase of testing goes.
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