Just set a cam yesterday and when  I got to my truck I had at least 10 ticks on me! The sub-zero weather here in Pa didn't seem to faze the ticks a bit!
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I would have never guessed the dang things would be active in such cold conditions. I hate ticks.
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I am not a fan of them neither. They are out here in may and June ... never heard of them out this early before ..
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Little bastards are everywhere Joe
With sufficient thrust pigs fly just fine
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I saw a doco somewhere about ticks in Alberta killing moose in their dozens, possibly hundreds. There was snow feet thick on the ground and the bushes were literally moving with ticks it was unreal how many. We have the odd one on the coast in the temperate climate but that is it.
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already get out the Sawyer Permethrin  jeeeeeze
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woody meristem
Yup, black-legged (deer) ticks are active down to 28 degrees -- they spend really cold weather down in the leaf litter. I once picked two off my pants while it was snowing. Since I've been treating my pants with permethrin (about seven years) I've only had one embedded tick and that one apparently got on from a high shrub (one of many,many) that that I'd brushed against.

The ticks on moose are a different species (winter tick) that feed heavily on moose (supposedly up to 10,000 on one moose). Apparently they can drain enough blood from a moose to kill it and have severely reduced the population on moose in some parts of New England -- another impact of warming winters.

Just to clarify, black-legged ticks prefer to spend the winter on large mammals like deer and bear but the ones that don't manage to find one will spend time in the leaf litter waiting for warm spells to seek a host.
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We have them on this side of the state too,Joe.just can't stay away from them.already did a round of antibiotics from the doc.just have to do a better job of checking for them when you get out of the woods.been using sawyers spray during the spring and fall hunting seasons and seems to help.
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