So my son and I get up and get moving for turkey this morning.  I hear a gobbler and we get set up.  I call lightly and I see a coyote.  He spins and gets into 'stalk' mode.  I'm about 7-8 yds from my son.  I whisper "There's a coyote, get ready"  He says "Where?"  Well, he's on the decoys so I call a little bit again and he works down to about 20-25 yds away from us.  I'm whisper/yelling at my son "Why aren't you shooting???"  He is fidgeting around like a 13 yo is apt to do.  Finally I see the coyote has had enough and figure the gig is up.  I get my gun up and fire, rolling him. 
My son says "Now I see him"
After we started walking, he confesses.  "Dad, I forgot to put my contacts in this morning.  It was early and I wasn't quite awake yet." 
When I look at the smiles on all the children's faces, I just know they're about to jab me with something.
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Just think, he is only 13 so it is only going to get worse. Just wait until about 15 or 16 and all he can think about are the girls. [biggrin] 
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That's more than we saw this morning, no deer, no Gobblers, no Yotes nothing!
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All I saw was deer
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All I saw was.....the back of my eyelids! [biggrin]
When you are in a difficult situation and wonder where God is; remember the Teacher is always quiet during the test.
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