Add to this as you think of stuff to help people.

*Get an adequate soldering iron/station. A fine tip is a must.
*Make sure to keep the soldering tip clean, wiping down ofter, plus keep it tinned, can either use tinning paste or your solder.
*Use proper solder, most guys use .032" diameter 60/40 Rosin-core solder (available at Radio Shack   among other places).
*Use Rosin soldering-flux (also Radio Shack has it).
*Make sure to tin your wire before soldering it (hold solder against wire and touch tip to flow solder onto the wire). 
*Work in a well lit space, helps immensley. Also a magnifier of some sort helps.
*AVOID EXCESSIVE HEAT. Keeping your tip on a part longer then needed may ruin the electronic component.
Properly soldered it will look like the wire did when tinned. You don't need to goober a lot of solder to hold the wire in place.
Alot of guys once they've soldered their wire on may use electrical tape to hold the wires down if space allows to minimize the wires moving.
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