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Hey folks, there's an S600 on Ebay with three days left to bid -- current bid is $10 -- http://www.ebay.com/itm/Sony-Cyber-shot-DSC-S600-6-0-MP-Digital-Camera-Silver-/232388896131?epid=100097402&hash=item361b752583:g:mPMAAOSw8d5ZUohk

I'm not interested, but this may be a chance to get a bargain.
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If the shipping wasn't also $10, it'd be a steal lol. Still, not a bad price at all, looks brand new! I have too many as-is; otherwise, I'd bid on it.
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I bought this because it looks new and the S600 pictures all look so good.
Thought I would build it as a mini-cam.

So should it be "fast" hacked or regular, and which board is recommended.
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I would fast hack it  You can always tie the lens and common together and use whichever board you like
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The Game Watcher board will run the Fast Hack if you decide to that, just order the Fast Hack Program option when ordering.
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