I've lost several cameras to thieves in the past year. It almost seems that theft is inevitable, but the frustrating part is I know I'm losing some really awesome footage. Is there any way to set up a remote back up so that the footage records to another device, and even if someone steals the camera I'll still have my footage? Another thing's that cell service is so shotty out there that I think I'd need to use bluetooth. Any tips??
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Don't know on the answer to your specific question but you could use a few tricks to lessen the cam being stolen. Assuming homebrew? Few are using a Python lock but that is usually only good for hosest people being around, a thief will get it no matter what. Setting it up high(er) in a tree helps. Most people aren't looking 10' up a tree. coloring the fresnel so it doesn't call attention to the cam. If set where people can see the flash at night doesn't help. Just a few things.
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The main thing is cam placement. If you put a cam on a tramroad or trail where people walk....your chances skyrocket for getting stolen. I would never steal someones camera....but I hate getting my picture taken while I'm scouting or walking around in the woods. Try to put your cameras where other people don't go.
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woody meristem
All my camera builds have the Pelican cases in modified steel electrical boxes that are usually lag screwed to trees. The steel boxes have 3D camo and are locked with a padlock and have a pipe-through for a Python cable lock. A thief would have to get past the two locks in order to steal the camera -- certainly not impossible, but they'd need tools that most people don't carry in the woods. 

I always pull the cameras as soon as people show up in a photo and keep them off the set for at least a month, usually longer. Except for the ones right behind the house, they're also pulled in mid to late September when most hunters seem to begin scouting and not put back until the end of the year or mid-January. Yeah I miss a lot of good photos.
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