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This also as been awhile.  I was running late to check cams.  Jumped out the door with my sneakers on.  It was August and it was pretty warm.  I had a Friend going with me, so I picked him up.  I checked my cams and on the last one it was dark.  All I had for a light was a very small led key chain light.  My Friend gave me some sweet corn to through around.  So I checked my cam and I stood up and started throwing the corn all around.  All of the sudden the woods seemed to come alive.  I stopped and I could hear a loud rattle.  I took my light and looked in front of me.  There was a rattle snake 6 inches in front of my feet spread out.  I looked all the way down to the rattle and it was not moving.  so I looked to my left and there was one about 3 feet coiled and rattling.  I still thought that was a little loud so I looked behind that one and there was another one rattling.  Well I figured it was time to get out of there.  So I took a step backwards.  I then heard another rattle snake.   Now I was freaked and paralyzed.  I was wondering how I got myself into this situation.   I yelled for my buddy but he was jamming on the car radio.  So I was there for 5 minutes trying to figure out what to do.  I remember hearing that Rattle snakes go by sound.  So I threw a corn cob in front of the snake in front of me.  He took off and he was fast.  So I took off from where he was.  By me throwing the corn must have moved them closer to me is all I cold think of.  This also must have pissed them off.   I am always more prepared when I go out now.


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Dang. The ole ticker def. would have been stumbling..

Great Story Charles and I'm glad youre still around to tell it..

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