finally figured out how to post pics since using photobucket.

samsung a503

S5031408 by
[url=]S5031405 by

sony w200

[url=]DSC01646 by
[url=]DSC01653 by

sony p41

[url=]DSC00428 by
[url=]DSC00423 by
[url=]DSC00458 by
[url=]DSC00464 by [url=]
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Great pics Mike! Is Flickr easy to use?
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Nice group of pics...
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its not too bad joe.i figured it out,so it can`t be too hard.
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Nice pics.
When you are in a difficult situation and wonder where God is; remember the Teacher is always quiet during the test.
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woody meristem
Nice photos, too bad the bobcat and coyote weren't going the other way.
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