I posted the hack for this camera a year ago. (  I finally got around to putting a build together earlier this year and got it finished in time for a trip to our hunting place in WV back mid April this year.  My brother in law went this weekend and pulled this camera for me.  After 4 months and 783 pictures the batteries were still fully charged.  Though mid May, a coon knocked the camera and it was facing down from then on.  It still was taking pictures though.  The setup is a Safari SMT with the regular programing set on Cam type 1.  I have an older ones of Ralph's slave boards with a Viv 2800.  I was given a 30W 18V solar panel.  I reused a cam that I had an Olympus E620 DSLR build.  I had ordered a 12V battery for a 4wheeler and got the wrong one, so I used that 12V battery.  Here is a rough diagram of how I have things hooked up.  I used a solar charge control (

I had a separate 3-AA power supply for the Safari board because I had that before and just didn't get around eliminating that.  As you can see I used the hole from the DSLR camera and used some adhesive backed foam and that eliminated almost all the flash glare.

Here is what the setup looked like in by back yard.  I used these clips ( to be able to connect the solar panel to the case. I mounted the solar panel about 15 ft. up in the tree hoping for more sunlight because I was down the north side of a hill.  I put the cable from the solar panel in armor BX cable to protect it.  

I give warning about the next picture.  I by no means tried to make this neat, lol.  This was a get it done and in the box and ready to work.

W90 inside

Evern with the camera falling down, I was still happy with 783 pictures and still full battery through the summar with a solar panel in the woods.  I'm sure it helps its a 30W panel.  I'm thinking this would go a long time.  With an 8 gig card I can get 3400 pics and I think I could put a 32gig card in the camera.  To put this build together I didn't have alot in it because I already had the stuff or the solar build was free.  The battery was $40-$50, but i couldn't return it.  I got the camera free.  The connector for solar panel, solar charge controller, TP4056, and the Buck convertor were probably around $30-$40.  I already had the Safari and slave flash board on hand.  So I think, if you dont mind a bigger case, using a solar charger to keep one battery charged and using that battery to power everything else will work.  

PS I'll be posting pics from the build in a diff post.
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That is quite a setup you have there Aaron.
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