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I have a hacked P41 that will take pictures either using the flash or not thru the hack as quickly and as often as I touch the wires together. It will also do the same thru the camera shutter button bypassing the hack.
When I hook it up to a board, any board, and with any gb capacity memory card the camera always misses the first picture without fail, flash or no flash.

I have had it hooked up to three different SSII's with type 1, 2, and 3 chips, I have had it hooked up to a SSS LCD board, a Yeti board, and now a Pix LEII board, all with the same results. I also have a P43 operating exactly the same, yet two other 41's that will operate completely normal when connected to any of the boards mentioned.

I have also tried the original long versions cards in size 256, 512, and 1gb change.
Call me frustrated in Michigan......Any ideas anyone ?

[smile] My homebrew picture and video album links.

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Okay  frustrated.  Just like the Sony S40 some cameras can be a little slower than others.  To hard to tell this by touching wires.  What type chip are you using on the P41.  Try a P32 chip. 
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