Title says it all I guess. A buddy of mine wants me to build him a camera. He wants it to be easy to navigate, fairly fast (< 2.5secs), take an sd card and have a decent flash range. Since he wants cheap and easy, I won't be adding a slave of any kind.

What camera compares to the speed and flash ranges of a P41/S40/S600, takes an sd card and won't break the bank? Is there a Panasonic cam out there that's as fast as an FS7, but has a brighter flash? I was thinking maybe a Fuji J10, but I'm not familiar with their flash range.

I'll be using a 1020 case with AA externals and an SSII. I'd like to get the camera for under $25. Any recommendations would be appreciated.

**Edit**: If anyone has such a cam and would be willing to trade it for an A503 or an S600, I'd probably take them up on that offer [wink]
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Perhaps not the brightest stand alone flash but the FS7 would in my mind be a good option I think. I have used them with and without a slave. Without a slave they still have a place in ones arsenal. I just set them up closer. I have utilized them for years with stand alone flash. Just some thoughts ...
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Fuji F40fd has a great flash with a sd card.  2.5 second camera but will not work right with a sd card larger than 2gb.  Hack is hard so if you think you cannot handle it you may want me to hack it.  I run mine with a 18650 batteries in the externals with no battery in the camera.
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woody meristem
I like the Nikon L11 -- it has the same lens as the J10 (they're actually interchangeable) but with a much better flash. I always remove the lens doors (see the attached file from pdskal); doing that reduces the lens noise somewhat. Because it has an extending lens the L11 (and the J10) needs a snorkel; I use a modified 1 1/4" inside diameter PVC plumbing coupling to make the snorkel. The L11 isn't the fastest camera, but I think it gives better photos than the S40, which is my other favorite camera, with a comparable flash. It's cheap (I've never even paid $20 for any of the 17 I've bought) uses an SD card, two AA batteries and the hack is easy (see Charles' video). I've got one in a 1020 case, SS II running on three AAA batteries, with four external AAs.
L11 in 1020.JPG
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