Whitetail Whittle
Sj1000 with servo motor exchnager, bf array, ebay mic, 1st eagle eye control board, in 1050 case. AA camera externals and everything else runs off of a external 6v battery (sla).

Everything works good. I could never get night videos 100% clear. Day videos are very good.
This was the first eagle board I made so there are some modifications to the board.

$65.00 TYD
Camera alone is worth this. Giving this away to help fund other stuff.

A503 with SSS LCD board, Rc davis slave board, 2800 slave, in 1050 case.

9v powers board, AA camera externals and external 6v sla power slave for long sets.

Very nice build. $90 TYD

Two s600 cams one is hacked and is working partially but it powers off and on randomly. Not sure if it's a battery issue or what. Didn't take the time to investigate.

The other was brand new and working good but now can't get it to power on or off.

I would like to sell them together if at all possible to save on shipping.

$30 TYD for the pair.

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Whitetail Whittle
Lowered all prices.

Great deals
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