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I am a little confused about the "Memory Stick" that the P41 uses. Is this stick compatible with my SD card port in my computer? Can you get the adapter for an SD card? Ive read that bigger memory cards or stickis slow it down, when does it start to slow down and how much does it slow down? 

Thanks for the help

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The older Sony's have a proprietary memory card which is not compatible with an SD card.  I have a little USB card reader for Sony cards that I got for something like 5 bucks on ebay.  You can also use the USB cord on your camera.  Below is a link to Sony's website showing what cards are compatible with what cameras.

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I've never used a P41 but will say from what I think the answers are.
The P32/52 use a Memory Stick Pro (approx. 1.96"X .84"). They can also use the Memory Stick Pro Duo (approx. 1.22"X.78") AS LONG AS YOU HAVE THE ADAPTOR IT FITS IN THAT MAKES IT THE SAME SIZE AS THE MEMORY STICK PRO. The adaptor will have on the front Memory Stick Duo Adaptor. A SD card (approx. 1.26"X.95") is different in size so needs the appropriate slot.
Now that said it depends on your computer and what slots they have available for memory cards to be inserted. Mine has none so I either have to use a Card Reader adaptor (which looks like a flash drive and fits into a usb port but the adaptor has slots so I can put in either a Pro (so the Pro Duo would also fit), a SD card or a micro card. I can also read/download straight from the camera using one of the download cables I got that was supplied with the camera. If you get a camera from ebay (or elsewhere) it may say download cable included or else may just say camera which case of course you wouldn't get the download cable). Now a buddies computer only has a slot for the SD card and my parents computer has slots so they can fir them all. So it depends on your computer.
Memory size wise and what it does you may find more of an answer in this section:

or this one:

Here is a pic. of what I am talking about in the above (no micro card though).

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Surprisingly my SD slot in my laptop will read the Sony Memory Stick Pro.  My wifes won't.  It really is time for an upgrade on the laptop for work so I'm thinking of just 'retiring' this laptop to Homebrews only!
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