As many of you know my wife and I bought a small piece of property and moved in early June. Since then I have been working around the new homestead. I built a new porch on the front of the house which took me about 1 1/2 months to complete ( still got to put lattice around the bottom) and last week I started building a 20 x 30 building to store our boat, atv, riding mower, etc. in. Here's a few pics of the projects that have kept me from being on the forums and chat very much for the past couple of months or so.

139 (600x800).jpg 

141 (600x800).jpg   
142 (600x800).jpg 
143 (600x800).jpg 
144 (600x800).jpg 
145 (600x800).jpg 
005 (600x800).jpg 
006 (600x800).jpg 
011 (600x800).jpg
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ohh you going to love that deck gratz to ya 
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wow nice When is the house warming party?
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Looks good Ralph!!!!
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Looks good Ralph!  Anytime you have too many things going on to be online much is not a bad thing, for the most part. 
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Fantastic ...... pretty amazing work buddy. You should come for a visit to Saskatchewan. We can do a little fishing. I promise I wont put you to work. Lol!
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kdornski wrote:
wow nice When is the house warming party?

You wouldn't make the trip anyways. [biggrin]

Nice job Ralph and Marilyn.
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tiger hunter
Hey Ralph..the house is looking good...I've sent a few mails but you been quiet...

Bruce the Tiger Hunter..
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You do good work.
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I really like it Ralph.
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