Got a Glock 43 and have trouble with the mag. release not letting the mag. free at times. Joined the Glock 43 group on facebook (they have a group for EVERYTHING). Posted and was told this was a common problem and most people are getting a HYVE mag. release. Was a video saw before so tried finding it again as got the mag. release today. Searched and found one similar and clicked on the link and "WHOOP WHOOP WHOOP You have a virus and your computer is infected" voice comes on and a new box appears wanting your sign in name and password. No I'm not stupid enough to give it (shut up Ken). No matter how many times you hit X it just would come on again continuously. Turned the computer off and next time turned it on it is still there. They had an 800 number so decided since it was free (I hope) I called and an Indian lady starts giving me the normal "We're a Windows representative firm...". Said she was a scam and get a "YOU called us so how can we be a scam?".
Anyways, called my brother and he's had this before. To fix it drag that box to the upper right of the background box so X's (just like this screen, X is in the uppermost right) are just above and below. Real fast click one X then the other. If not fast enough they keep coming back and you have to do it again quickly. My first try it got rid of the background page but small box saying the 1-800 number and spaces for user name and password was still there. Clicked that X and it was gone.
Don't know if this is something new or has been around or if this is the fix or not. Brother says he has anti virus but still gets this.
Maybe the link was bad as once I clicked it on the side a red sweater of a buxom lady comes on with the words "You'll play it all night". And no I wasn't porn surfing.
That's my story and I'm sticking to it.
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I got the same thing a couple of weeks ago clicking on what I thought was a trusted link (can't remember for what but it sure wasn't porn). Could never get it to close because as you said, each time I clicked on the 'x' to close, it would just come right back up. I shut down my computer and let it sit for several minutes and when I restarted it was gone.
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