Hope this is right place to post?? I have a couple of cameras that I MUST put externals in to get to work. Does not matter what batteries I put in,they will NOT turn on. Full charge, alkaline   (1.60) or recharge (1.3), but when I put in external, cameras turn on and show full.Doesn't matter recharge and recharge,recharge and alkaline,even alkaline and recharge,need 4 batteries. No, they won't work on externals only. s40 and w5. Do they somehow "remember"?
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There is something wrong with the batteries that you are putting in the camera.  I see this with alkalines in the camera.  I hope you are not using alkalines in the camera.
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Do they work independant of the build? Possibly battery compartment tabs are corroded or not making contact and external points are only??
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