This morning, checking and setting a couple of cameras,I took a shotcut along a nice sandy bend on a creekbed. Two steps and I was up to my knee in the worst smelling black muck.To make matters worse, the water underneath it was COLD.
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Done that myself  You smell that muck for weeks
With sufficient thrust pigs fly just fine
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lol, been there too. Remember a time duck hunting with my boss. He and I were on one side of a small cove and his son (13-14) was on the other side and coming over to us. Instead of coming around though he tried "cutting the corner". Soon he was in muck to the top of his hip waders and actually had to lay down to pull his legs loose and out of the mud. We were kinda laughing our heads off.
When you are in a difficult situation and wonder where God is; remember the Teacher is always quiet during the test.
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Did that turkey hunting last year. Bird tracks running into the swampy creekbed. I followed the tracks until one step had me up to my knees, my gun coverd in mud and my hands and upper body were pretty well covered too. So gross. I am afraid to put a camera near water though. I have seen a few guys with cameras that were only inches from being submerged from flooding. Dont wont to mess with it.
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