Introducing the CritterGetter SlavePRO1 Slave Flash Control Board.  This board is designed to be hooked to a CritterGetter Full Size or a CritterGetter Micro.  As you can notice the CritterGetter SlavePRO1 does not have a CDS light sensor.  That is because the CritterGetter Camera control board turns the SlavePRO1 On at dusk and OFF at dawn.  This accomplishes two things.  It eleminates the extra CDS sensor in the glass bottles.  It also conserves battery power from the slave flash batteries because the slave control board is no longer having to have power during the daylight to check the CDS sensor to see if it is dark.  Has a port for 6v Out to run a exchanger system off the same 6v power source.  It is available for 1 flash, 2 flash, and 3 flash camera systems.  Wiring it to the CritterGetter Camera controller is super simple 2 wire hook up.  Has the .47 ohm 2 watt resistor built into the circuit as well.  Priced at $32.00 + Shipping.
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