If you are doing a video camera build then this is one of the essential boards you will need.  This is the CritterGetter Pre-Amp and Exchanger Control Board.  It simplifies a video camera build so much.  No more jumper wires on the sister boards.  All that is done for you on this board.  It has the 2 sister boards built in so you can control the Mic Pre-Amp and the LED array.  Also has the H-Bridge Circuit for controlling a lens exchanger system.  You no longer need the cheap, unreliable circuit boards that come with the lens exchangers.  This H-Bridge is ROCK SOLID!!!  It is designed to run off of 6v to 12v power input so it is super versatile.  Simple "Plug and Play" with the CritterGetter Original Control Board. Can also be used with the BigFoot Board or the AIO Board. Now available at JTSWildlifeCameras.Com
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