woody meristem
Having seen David Neils' and Tim Harrell's videos taken with Browning commercial trail cameras and finding a Browning Special Ops Platinum on sale for a good price, I purchased the Special Ops. Put the Special Ops sise-by-side with, first, My Olympus VG-140 homebrew and then my Olympus VG-190 homebrew. Unfortunately the Browning and the VG-190 weren't lined up too well, but I think the videos can be compared anyway. Here are the results of 30 second videos from each camera --

Both Olympus cameras take very nice still photos, so I may use them for stills only. In any case, I think any video cameras I use in the future will be Brownings.
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Yep big difference. But the BUSHNELL is miles ahead of the Browning. I have a 2 yo BUSHNELL 14mp and the latest Browning black ops and there's no comparison. The BUSHNELL takes better video than my $5000 professional video camera.
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