Buddy talked me into trying for fisher next season. Well heard beaver is a good bait so off we go and buy licenses...been more then 15 years since trapped some problem beaver. No scouting and open water so scent mounds should be good along with runs and mainly trapping a 1/4 mile section with numerous dams and small lodges, small place last time trapped for problem beaver. Walk down first time and see a beaver swimming along and another sitting on a small grass hump. All of a sudden a mink is walking in. Minute or two later a BIG mink comes walking in, all this less then 100 yards away. Well set runs and scent mound. Buddy finally got one about a week later when the water was about 6" higher from the rain. The next spot 1/4 mile away I never did catch anything but he got 6 and lost one that pulled out just as he got there. Only beaver I got was a problem one. Was trying for problem ones for friends but were on streams and rivers so water kept fluctuating and either high and dry or next day under a foot of water. So 8 beaver in a couple weeks with only an hour or two checking each day. Kept a couple castor and some of the meat for making lure for beaver for next year. Took 3 carcasses and hung with cams set where have got fisher pics. before. 
So next year set for mink, fisher, beaver and otter (my zone will be open next year for first time).
So since this section is passed over figured might as well post.
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