I was checking my cams the other day and I was heading back to the truck.  I take my dogs with me most of the time and this time they were with me.  I have two so I had both with me and one disappeared on me.  I called and called and no response.  I searched the area for 2 hours and then went to camp and he was not there.  Now I am panicing, so I went up the road a mile to get service on my cell phone.  I called my wife and told her and she starts crying.  So she picked up my son and daughter and they came out to help me look for him.  I searched for another 2 hours.  I fell and did a split on the snow.  I thought I hurt myself bad but it wasn`t to bad.  I met up with my daughter and she kept looking while I went back to camp to rest for a bit.  I rested for about a 30 minutes and decided to go to my truck that was parked up the camp road.  Just as I got there I could see a game commision truck coming down the road.  They said they had my dog.  I had a chip put in him earlier this year.  It came up with my name and they new who I was so they were looking for my vehicle.  The home chip bailed us out because he went a direction I did not think he went.  My wife was very happy to see him back again.  Very fortunate for a good ending.  
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Glad you found him!!  You would have been in trouble
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Glad to hear you got em back  
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glad everything work out!!both my setters are chipped and thankfully never had to use it.same thing happen to me this saturday.took my youngest setter with scouting for turkeys.in the excitement of trying to get his e-collar and regular collar on (which he rarely wears except for runs in the mountain it has contact info.)i forgot to turn the e-collar on ,thought i get it when we get there.he listened real good, we got off the main path and took a long ridge back to the truck.while on the way back came across some turkey scratchings that were probably made a day or two ago.he picked up the scent and off he went,ranging farther than usual.next he`s gone!! when he did`nt respond to here i pressed the tone button,then the shock button,nothing.i was in panic mode and ran to last seen spot,finally i could hear running in the leaves in the distance and finally could see patches of white and black through the hemlocks.i yelled here and i could hear him crying,thinking something was wrong i checked him out and could`nt find anything wrong.i think he was scared he could find me .such a pain he can be but th e thought of him missing is something i can`t imagine.he did`t go to far ahead the whole way back to the truck.
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Good deal getting him back.

Now on the split thing...get pictures?
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