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I've seen  a number of different approaches for interfacing to the camera and the slave flash.
I've seen optocouplers, SCRs for the flashes, and the AIO Gen 3 boards I'm learning about use FETs, an optocoupler, and an SCR.  The SCR can withstand high voltage and current, so I believe I get that for the flash.  For the camera control I think it would also be possible to use Darlington transistors with pull-up resistors?   The optocouplers provide electrical isolation, but I don't know if that's important here.   I'll use whatever AIO does for my current builds, but I'm thinking about my next boards and wondering how to choose between FETs, optocouplers, or Darlington outputs. And wondering why the AIO designers used both FETs and optocouplers.


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Optocouplers to control the camera are not always needed.  If the camera uses a separte common for shutter and power one will need to be isolated.
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