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Here is a new build of mine all buttoned up. This build has been a work in progress. Thank you to Ralph 'bigbassmann' with RCDavis trail camera solutions for some help along the way. Ralph did a great job fixing up the new Safari SMT board so I could run the FLASH backpacker simultaneously with the EXCHANGER backpacker. Very cool, and makes for a super fun build! I'll post several pictures of my build. Just about everything about this build is custom done... It's a winner if you ask me! Got to love the color day and infrared night Sammy A503 pics.

Otterbox 3250 case dipped in Forest Ghost
Joe's custom cam mount
Snapshot Sniper HPWA
Vivitar 2800 internal slave
720 nm IR filter material
Security 2000 day/night exchanger
5-wire servo
Custom push-button Safari power switch
PEX pipe-thru for Python Lock

Samsung A503 IR hacked with 2.2 uf small cap mod
Custom A503 Flash & Exchanger Programming with no refresh

4AA for internal slave power
3AAA for safari board power
9V underneath for exchanger power
2AA camera internal power

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Is it archery season yet?


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nice build,i have a 3250 otterbox left and two a503`s put aside for  winter project`s.i may be in touch to pick your brain on the exchanger.

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Nicely done sir. Great build.
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