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     News, Workshops and Camfest
Community News & Announcements
113 11 Liberty Tounship coyote hunt ...
03/11 by buckshot164
Post about your workshops. A workshop is a regional get together to help others start or just share info.
06/04 by IroquoisArcher
Camfest info. A place to post your camfest. A camfest is a bigger get together. Maybe once a year to get to know each other and to share information
409 16 2014 PA Camfest wrap up
07/04 by IroquoisArcher
     Members information
Introduce yourself.
Announce who you are and some info about yourself.
591 77 -
     Outdoors talk
Open talk
talk about whatever you want
3,901 645 Our archery club is a joke...
16 hours ago by IroquoisArcher
Bear talk.
Lets talk bears.
77 9 @#$%&!!! Bears........
05/24 by buckshot164
Bird talk
Lets talk birds.
46 7 Hindsight
05/24 by IroquoisArcher
Deer talk
lets talk deer.
94 10 What's with his neck?
04/01 by don
Elk Talk
Lets talk Elk.
10 3 A few elk
07/24/12 by buckshot164
Predator talk
Lets talk about those Preditors
5 2 coyote attack
01/24/13 by peanut
Camping talk
Lets talk camping.
38 5 Pop up
06/16 by hydiseka
Hiking talk
Lets talk hiking.
8 2 Note to self...
04/11 by IroquoisArcher
Homemade projects.
Post up your homemade projects.
43 4 Spine checker
06/19/13 by diesel
Scents and lures
What scents are you using. Any recipes.
24 4 Post office Opps!!!
10/12/12 by Buckhunter1
Lets talk trapping.
48 5 End of line pics
04/01/13 by IroquoisArcher
DIY projects
A place to share things you have made yourself.
32 5 mosquito trap
06/18/13 by Evyl Robot
A place for you recipes
18 4 smoked venison
05/02/13 by hydiseka
     General Trailcam Talk
General trailcam talk
General Discussion
1,295 189 Fuji J20 problem! Help!!!
07/15 by Z7hunter
Swap a cam
A place to swap a cam. Exchange cams at your own risk. A place to try new cams where both people assume risk.
10 2 Does anyone want to swap for ...
07/09/13 by buckshot164
lets talk batteries
161 23 4 AA or 2 C
06/30 by treeslinger2
Trailcam mounting systems
How are you hanging your cams.
20 1 mounting brackets
06/13 by NantucketShedHunter
Memory Card Talk
A place to get information on memory cards.
33 9 Sony cards
6 hours ago by kdornski
Checking the cam stories
Lets here some stories of something that happened while checking your cam
77 13 close call
04/06 by don
Game camera setup discussion
Okay lets here yur setups. This is always good information.
36 4 A Mount I Use For My S600
05/31 by IroquoisArcher
     Swap and shop
A place to sell and buy stuff
508 117 Package deal
05/28 by Z7hunter
Looking for something. Post it here.
45 12 WTB Samsung a503 screen
07/07 by buckshot164
Vendor info
If you make stuff let us know who you are and what you have.
54 21 New Pricing
09/18/13 by IroquoisArcher
Smartphone general discussion
A place to talk smartohones
18 4 What cell phone do you use.
10/24/12 by racerzl1
Smartphone apps hunting
A place to share you apps for the your smartphone for huning
19 17 Backcountry Navigator Pro
02/27/13 by Z7hunter
Smatphone apps Fishing
a place to share your apps for fishing
2 2 Mark your spots to find later
07/11/12 by tbass
Smartphone apps trailcams
Apps to help with trailcams
7 6 Motion Detector + others
08/02/13 by Unregistered
A place to talk archery
433 50 Pull & return or walk through...
07/14 by IroquoisArcher
Gun hunting section
A place for you gun hunting talk.
163 17 22-250 First kill
01/05 by bigbassmann
Reloading talk
A palce to share your reloading info.
2 1 reloading continued
02/01/13 by encore
A place for your crossbow talk
673 62 All sighted in yet?
05/08 by Buckhunter1
Small game hunting talk
A place to share your small game info and stories.
3 1 Since no posts...
01/29 by Buckhunter1
On the wall
Lets see pics of your catch
207 22 took me a while but got my bu...
04/01 by Gumby
Hunting videos
Lets share your videos of animals you have killed or just watched from your stand.
2 1 5 point from stand video
10/07/12 by CAM-O
Your catch
Show us your picture of your catch
51 8 Grandson's largemouth bass
04/25 by jackn
Fish talk
Lets tak about fishing
3 1 How did everyone do
04/17/12 by wolvenkinde
     Members health
a place to pray for members and widh them good health
269 37 Prayers for friend
05/21 by Buckhunter1
A place to share your health info
25 6 Defibrillator
02/09/13 by IroquoisArcher
     Commercial trailcams
Commercial cam talk
Lets tak commercial cams.
42 11 Need pics. from Cuddy Capture...
03/11 by IroquoisArcher
Commercail cam pics
post up your pics.
211 59 Moma's got her hands full
06/10 by Danno
Commercial trailcam contests
A place for your picture contest.
19 5 Voting open for Winter deer c...
03/29/13 by buckshot164
Sample pics.
Post up your pics from your commercial cams. Give make, model and settings if applicable.
42 10 WGI...when they work
04/25 by Vonfoust
Video section (commercial)
Your commercial cam video talk.
8 4 Turn up your volume...
11/28/13 by BigDaddy
Post your videos (commercial)
A place to post up your videos.
4 3 Twin Fawns At The Trophy Rock...
07/06/12 by NantucketShedHunter
Bushnell Ratings.
Rate your Bushnell trail cam.
2 2 Rate the Bushnell® HD Trophy...
05/21/12 by buckshot164
Cuddeback ratings
Rate your cuddebach trail cameras.
12 4 Rate the Cuddeback Attack IR
05/15/12 by IroquoisArcher
Day 6 Outdoors.
Rate the Day 6 Outdoors trail camera. Please vote.
1 1 Rate the Day 6 Outdoors Plot ...
05/14/12 by buckshot164
HCO Scoutguard
Rate and vote for the scoutguard model you have.
1 1 Rate the HCO Scoutguard SG550
06/06/12 by buckshot164
DLC Covert ratings
Rate your DLC Covert trail camera. Please vote.
17 10 Rate the Covert Reveal 8.0
11/22/13 by SwampYankee
Leupold ratings.
Rate your Leopold trail camera. Please vote
1 1 Rate the Leupold RCX-2
05/09/12 by buckshot164
Moultrie Ratings
Rate your Moultrie trail cams. Please vote.
10 6 Rate the Moultrie Game Spy I-...
03/02/13 by tanglefoot
Old Boys Outdoors Little Accorn
Rate the Little accorn trailcams. Please vote.
3 3 Rate the OBO LTL ACORN Ltl-52...
06/06/12 by buckshot164
Primos Ratings
Rate the Primos trailcaeras. Please vote
4 3 Rate the Primos 63035 Truth C...
09/08/12 by ga-bowhunter
Reconyx ratings
Rate your Reconyx trail camera.
4 4 Rate the Reconyx HC500 HyperF...
05/30/12 by buckshot164
Simmons ratings
Rate your Simmons trail camera
4 4 Rate the Simmons 119236C SIM ...
05/25/12 by buckshot164
Spypoint ratings
Rate your Spypoint trail camera
2 2 Rate the Spypoint Tiny-D
05/22/12 by buckshot164
Stealth cam ratings
Rate your Stealth cam trail camera.
8 6 Stealth Cam Skout STC-U735IR
01/16/13 by IroquoisArcher
Uway ratings
Rate your Uway trail cam.
2 2 Uway Vigilant Hunter VH200B B...
05/08/12 by buckshot164
Wildgame ratings.
Rate your Wildgame trail camera. Please vote
2 2 Rate the Wildgame Innovations...
05/22/12 by buckshot164
Wildview ratings
Rate your Wildview trail camers. Please vote
1 1 Rate the Wildview Ez Cam Digi...
05/14/12 by buckshot164
     Homebrew cams
Homebrew trailcam discussion
Lets talk homebrews
2,411 310 panny fp1 mic.
Yesterday at 12:39pm by encore
Control board info
Post up your info on control baords.
19 7 Eagle Eye Video Board (my ne...
07/15 by Whitetail Whittle
Homebrew operation Info
Instructions on how to use a homebrew cam
18 3 S600 help!
14 hours ago by Vonfoust
How to build a trailcam
This is a trailcam section on videos or pdf to build a trailcam
41 8 Camera Templates
03/30 by Buckhunter1
Video cam discussion
Lets talk video cams.
54 9 Wireless Blackflash Extender ...
Camera repair
A place to learn how to repair your camera
41 12 Samaung S750
11/27/13 by IroquoisArcher
Trailcam pictures
Lets see your animal pics.
6,133 918 Latest From My S600 Homebrew ...
2 hours ago by buck66
Homebrew picture contest
A place for you trailcam contests.
50 8 Voting open for Winter contes...
03/29/13 by buckshot164
Trailcam videos
A place to put you videos.
151 53 Cow elk video
07/14 by buckshot164
Homebrew still camera build pics.
A place to put your pics of your builds.
664 136 New build Pentax E50, first b...
Yesterday at 12:14pm by treeslinger2
Homebrew video build pics
Show us your pics of your video builds.
34 9 Panasonic FX35/White LED Arra...
12/16/13 by bigbassmann
Externals ( trailcam)
A place to discuss trailcam externals
24 8 Panasonic fx12
09/28/13 by buckshot164
Slave flash
A place to put your slave flash info.
222 51 slave caps
37 minutes ago by encore
Sample pics from homebrews.
Post some pics from your homebrew. Give your camera make, model and settings if you can.
79 23 panasonic fh27 2800 slave iso...
09/28/13 by IroquoisArcher
Trailcam terms.
A glossery of homebrew terms.
2 1 Trailcam glossery
01/23 by buckshot164
     Homebrew services
Cam building services
A list of people that build cams.
1 1 Buckshot cams
01/22 by buckshot164
Camera hacks services
A list of people who hack cameras
4 1 buckshot164
01/22 by buckshot164
Cam repair services.
A list of people that repair homebrew cams.
1 1 buckshots cam repair.
01/22 by buckshot164
     Camera modification and settings section
Hackable camera list and ratings
A place for hackable cameras and ratings.
75 48 Rate the pentax E50
07/08 by treeslinger2
Homebrew camera settings.
A place to put your camera settings for the best pics.
38 20 Panasonic LZ8 and LZ10 Settin...
03/22 by ko4nrbs
A place for Fuji camera hacks.
22 14 -
A place for Panasonic camera hacks.
45 15 -
A place for your Nikon camera hacks.
9 5 -
A place for you Samsung camera hacks
4 3 -
a place for your cannon hacks and info
0 0 No posts
A place for you Pentax hacks.
8 3 -
A place for your Olympus camera hacks.
19 4 Olympus D380 PDF hack.
12/21/13 by fasterem
A place for your Jazz info
0 0 No posts
A place for you DXG camera hacks.
0 0 No posts
Other 4 1 -
     Infared section
A place for your IR camera info and talk
19 3 -
IR array section
8 2 -
     Snap shot sniper
Snapshot sniper talk
A place to talk about your snap shot sniper board.
0 0 No posts
SS1 code
A place to get ss1 code for your build.
11 10 Sony s600 ss1 code
07/22/13 by jackn
     Safari Camera Controller
Safari Camera Controller talk
A place to talk about the Safari camera control board.
44 9 Safari operations
07/08 by bigbassmann
Safari add on boards talk
A place to share information on the Safari control add on boards.
15 2 Flash Backpackers are now rea...
05/11 by wolvenkinde
Safari Camera Controller programs.
A Place to share and talk about the programming for the Safari controller.
7 4 Safari/Flash Backpacker code
07/06 by bigbassmann
     AIO control board
AIO slave
a place for your aio slave stuff
12 2 -
     Research and development
A place for you picaxe info and questions
48 10 -
New camera development
A place for new camera research
32 5 -
New video camera development
A place to discuss new video cameras.
0 0 No posts
A place for your info that just dosn`t fit anywhere.
34 5 -
Pictures of your pets
Post up the pics of your pets.
67 15 Scout
05/08 by Buckhunter1
Pet health
Post up things to help pet health.
9 1 Ticks
10/04/12 by Buckhunter1
Post you pics and share photography information
41 12 Fawn Pic from Iphone 5
07/05 by BigDaddy
General Video
Show your videos that you catch while out and about.
2 1 Sick bear
06/05/12 by shedhunter
     Donations to forum
Donation to the forum
A place to find information on donating to the forum.
4 2 Donation to the forum
04/07 by buckshot164

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