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     News, Workshops and Camfest
Community News & Announcements
122 14 Moved the pictures and videos...
09/05 by Vonfoust
Post about your workshops. A workshop is a regional get together to help others start or just share info.
06/04 by IroquoisArcher
Camfest info. A place to post your camfest. A camfest is a bigger get together. Maybe once a year to get to know each other and to share information
409 16 2014 PA Camfest wrap up
07/04 by IroquoisArcher
     Members information
Introduce yourself.
Announce who you are and some info about yourself.
607 79 -
     Outdoors talk
Open talk
talk about whatever you want
4,274 707 Rifle retail values?
11/23 by IroquoisArcher
Bear talk.
Lets talk bears.
78 10 Good luck
11/21 by IroquoisArcher
Bird talk
Lets talk birds.
46 7 Hindsight
05/24 by IroquoisArcher
Deer talk
lets talk deer.
104 12 Good luck!
10/04 by IroquoisArcher
Elk Talk
Lets talk Elk.
19 4 Didn't draw the conservation ...
11/14 by hydiseka
Predator talk
Lets talk about those Preditors
5 2 coyote attack
01/24/13 by peanut
Camping talk
Lets talk camping.
38 5 Pop up
06/16 by hydiseka
Hiking talk
Lets talk hiking.
8 2 Note to self...
04/11 by IroquoisArcher
Homemade projects.
Post up your homemade projects.
43 4 Spine checker
06/19/13 by diesel
Scents and lures
What scents are you using. Any recipes.
24 4 Post office Opps!!!
10/12/12 by Buckhunter1
Lets talk trapping.
48 5 End of line pics
04/01/13 by IroquoisArcher
DIY projects
A place to share things you have made yourself.
32 5 mosquito trap
06/18/13 by Evyl Robot
A place for you recipes
18 4 smoked venison
05/02/13 by hydiseka
     Trailcam picures
Trailcam pictures - Homebrew
Lets see your animal pics.
6,817 1,027 Few from last week
6 hours ago by Vonfoust
Commercail cam pics
post up your pics.
233 64 Late Nov Cam Checks (PICTURE ...
11/23 by NantucketShedHunter
     Trailcam videos
Trailcam videos - Homebrew
A place to put you videos.
189 61 New videos from the JX680
09/22 by jackn
Video section (commercial)
Your commercial cam video talk.
9 5 Need help
09/07 by BigDaddy
     General Trailcam Talk
General trailcam talk
General Discussion
1,383 200 samsung a503 problems
11/21 by encore
Swap a cam
A place to swap a cam. Exchange cams at your own risk. A place to try new cams where both people assume risk.
10 2 Does anyone want to swap for ...
07/09/13 by buckshot164
lets talk batteries
165 24 lithiums life?
08/07 by don
Trailcam mounting systems
How are you hanging your cams.
20 1 mounting brackets
06/13 by NantucketShedHunter
Memory Card Talk
A place to get information on memory cards.
39 10 sandisk
11/06 by Buckhunter1
Checking the cam stories
Lets here some stories of something that happened while checking your cam
77 13 close call
04/06 by don
Game camera setup discussion
Okay lets here yur setups. This is always good information.
48 5 Field edge mount
09/01 by Vonfoust
     Swap and shop
A place to sell and buy stuff
547 127 For Sale Picaxe cable and AIO...
11/18 by buckshot164
Looking for something. Post it here.
50 13 Need some glass
09/04 by buckshot164
Vendor info
If you make stuff let us know who you are and what you have.
54 21 New Pricing
09/18/13 by IroquoisArcher
Smartphone general discussion
A place to talk smartohones
18 4 What cell phone do you use.
10/24/12 by racerzl1
Smartphone apps hunting
A place to share you apps for the your smartphone for huning
19 17 Backcountry Navigator Pro
02/27/13 by Z7hunter
Smatphone apps Fishing
a place to share your apps for fishing
2 2 Mark your spots to find later
07/11/12 by tbass
Smartphone apps trailcams
Apps to help with trailcams
7 6 Motion Detector + others
08/02/13 by Unregistered
A place to talk archery
467 55 Do any good?
9 hours ago by Gumby
Gun hunting section
A place for you gun hunting talk.
163 17 22-250 First kill
01/05 by bigbassmann
Reloading talk
A palce to share your reloading info.
2 1 reloading continued
02/01/13 by encore
A place for your crossbow talk
695 67 New Excalibur
19 hours ago by IroquoisArcher
Small game hunting talk
A place to share your small game info and stories.
3 1 Since no posts...
01/29 by Buckhunter1
On the wall
Lets see pics of your catch
230 24 first deer with the new kodab...
10/18 by tanglefoot
Hunting videos
Lets share your videos of animals you have killed or just watched from your stand.
2 1 5 point from stand video
10/07/12 by CAM-O
Your catch
Show us your picture of your catch
60 9 Grandson's bluegill mount
10/26 by tanglefoot
Fish talk
Lets tak about fishing
3 1 How did everyone do
04/17/12 by wolvenkinde
     Members health
a place to pray for members and wish them good health
273 38 prayers for ex mother-in-law
10/26 by jackn
A place to share your health info
25 6 Defibrillator
02/08/13 by IroquoisArcher
     Commercial trailcams
Commercial cam talk
Lets tak commercial cams.
43 12 Apple Computers
09/10 by BigDaddy
Commercial trailcam contests
A place for your picture contest.
19 5 Voting open for Winter deer c...
03/29/13 by buckshot164
Sample pics.
Post up your pics from your commercial cams. Give make, model and settings if applicable.
42 10 WGI...when they work
04/25 by Vonfoust
Post your videos (commercial)
A place to post up your videos.
4 3 Twin Fawns At The Trophy Rock...
07/06/12 by NantucketShedHunter
Bushnell Ratings.
Rate your Bushnell trail cam.
2 2 Rate the Bushnell® HD Trophy...
05/21/12 by buckshot164
Cuddeback ratings
Rate your cuddebach trail cameras.
12 4 Rate the Cuddeback Attack IR
05/15/12 by IroquoisArcher
Day 6 Outdoors.
Rate the Day 6 Outdoors trail camera. Please vote.
1 1 Rate the Day 6 Outdoors Plot ...
05/14/12 by buckshot164
HCO Scoutguard
Rate and vote for the scoutguard model you have.
1 1 Rate the HCO Scoutguard SG550
06/06/12 by buckshot164
DLC Covert ratings
Rate your DLC Covert trail camera. Please vote.
17 10 Rate the Covert Reveal 8.0
11/22/13 by SwampYankee
Leupold ratings.
Rate your Leopold trail camera. Please vote
1 1 Rate the Leupold RCX-2
05/09/12 by buckshot164
Moultrie Ratings
Rate your Moultrie trail cams. Please vote.
10 6 Rate the Moultrie Game Spy I-...
03/02/13 by tanglefoot
Old Boys Outdoors Little Accorn
Rate the Little accorn trailcams. Please vote.
3 3 Rate the OBO LTL ACORN Ltl-52...
06/06/12 by buckshot164
Primos Ratings
Rate the Primos trailcaeras. Please vote
4 3 Rate the Primos 63035 Truth C...
09/08/12 by ga-bowhunter
Reconyx ratings
Rate your Reconyx trail camera.
4 4 Rate the Reconyx HC500 HyperF...
05/30/12 by buckshot164
Simmons ratings
Rate your Simmons trail camera
4 4 Rate the Simmons 119236C SIM ...
05/25/12 by buckshot164
Spypoint ratings
Rate your Spypoint trail camera
2 2 Rate the Spypoint Tiny-D
05/21/12 by buckshot164
Stealth cam ratings
Rate your Stealth cam trail camera.
8 6 Stealth Cam Skout STC-U735IR
01/16/13 by IroquoisArcher
Uway ratings
Rate your Uway trail cam.
2 2 Uway Vigilant Hunter VH200B B...
05/08/12 by buckshot164
Wildgame ratings.
Rate your Wildgame trail camera. Please vote
2 2 Rate the Wildgame Innovations...
05/22/12 by buckshot164
Wildview ratings
Rate your Wildview trail camers. Please vote
1 1 Rate the Wildview Ez Cam Digi...
05/14/12 by buckshot164
     Homebrew cams
Homebrew trailcam discussion
Lets talk homebrews
2,525 327 external on off push button s...
11/12 by IroquoisArcher
Control board info
Post up your info on control baords.
19 7 Eagle Eye Video Board (my ne...
07/15 by Whitetail Whittle
Homebrew operation Info
Instructions on how to use a homebrew cam
20 3 S600 help!
07/27 by IroquoisArcher
How to build a trailcam
This is a trailcam section on videos or pdf to build a trailcam
41 8 Camera Templates
03/30 by Buckhunter1
Video cam discussion
Lets talk video cams.
54 9 Wireless Blackflash Extender ...
Camera repair
A place to learn how to repair your camera
66 15 Sony W55 w/Yeticam board prob...
10/08 by treeslinger2
Homebrew picture contest
A place for you trailcam contests.
50 8 Voting open for Winter contes...
03/29/13 by buckshot164
Homebrew still camera build pics.
A place to put your pics of your builds.
728 150 Sony W290 build with remote P...
11/13 by bigbassmann
Homebrew video build pics
Show us your pics of your video builds.
37 10 Fuji JX 650 Safari build.
08/19 by buckshot164
Externals ( trailcam)
A place to discuss trailcam externals
35 10 Externals needed in cameras
09/30 by IroquoisArcher
Slave flash
A place to put your slave flash info.
225 52 Vivitar 3700 slave hack.
08/28 by bigbassmann
Sample pics from homebrews.
Post some pics from your homebrew. Give your camera make, model and settings if you can.
84 25 S600 Pics
09/27 by wolfy
Trailcam terms.
A glossery of homebrew terms.
2 1 Trailcam glossery
01/23 by buckshot164
     Homebrew services
Cam building services
A list of people that build cams.
1 1 Buckshot cams
01/22 by buckshot164
Camera hacks services
A list of people who hack cameras
4 1 buckshot164
01/22 by buckshot164
Cam repair services.
A list of people that repair homebrew cams.
1 1 buckshots cam repair.
01/22 by buckshot164
     Camera modification and settings section
Hackable camera list and ratings
A place for hackable cameras and ratings.
75 48 Rate the pentax E50
07/08 by treeslinger2
Homebrew camera settings.
A place to put your camera settings for the best pics.
38 20 Panasonic LZ8 and LZ10 Settin...
03/22 by ko4nrbs
A place for Fuji camera hacks.
32 16 -
A place for Panasonic camera hacks.
47 17 -
A place for your Nikon camera hacks.
10 6 -
A place for you Samsung camera hacks
7 3 -
a place for your cannon hacks and info
0 0 No posts
A place for you Pentax hacks.
9 4 -
A place for your Olympus camera hacks.
19 4 Olympus D380 PDF hack.
12/21/13 by fasterem
A place for your Jazz info
0 0 No posts
A place for you DXG camera hacks.
0 0 No posts
Other 4 1 -
     Infared section
A place for your IR camera info and talk
19 3 -
IR array section
8 2 -
     Snap shot sniper
Snapshot sniper talk
A place to talk about your snap shot sniper board.
0 0 No posts
SS1 code
A place to get ss1 code for your build.
11 10 Sony s600 ss1 code
07/22/13 by jackn
     Safari Camera Controller
Safari Camera Controller talk
A place to talk about the Safari camera control board.
46 10 Remote PIR Info needed
Safari add on boards talk
A place to share information on the Safari control add on boards.
15 2 Flash Backpackers are now rea...
05/11 by wolvenkinde
Safari Camera Controller programs.
A Place to share and talk about the programming for the Safari controller.
10 7 Safari/Mosfet Backpacker Prog...
08/10 by bigbassmann
     AIO control board
AIO slave
a place for your aio slave stuff
12 2 -
     Research and development
A place for you picaxe info and questions
48 10 -
New camera development
A place for new camera research
32 5 -
New video camera development
A place to discuss new video cameras.
0 0 No posts
A place for your info that just dosn`t fit anywhere.
34 5 -
Pictures of your pets
Post up the pics of your pets.
71 16 New Member of the family
11/17 by buckshot164
Pet health
Post up things to help pet health.
9 1 Ticks
10/04/12 by Buckhunter1
Post you pics and share photography information
60 15 Lucky the Grouse...Panasonic ...
11/05 by hydiseka
General Video
Show your videos that you catch while out and about.
2 1 Sick bear
06/05/12 by shedhunter
     Donations to forum
Donation to the forum
A place to find information on donating to the forum.
7 2 Donors list.
10/15 by buckshot164

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