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     News, Workshops and Camfest
Workshops, Camfest,
Community News & Announcements
1073 61 Took camera reviews out becau...
09/01 by IroquoisArcher
     Members information
Introduce yourself.
Announce who you are and some info about yourself.
718 90 Hi! Glad to be here!
09/16 by pdskal
What is your experience
Tell us your experience with trailcams. What cameras you hacked. What builds you have done. What is your favorite build. Let us know what you bring to the table.
10 1 Tell us about your experieces...
04/15 by buck66
     Outdoors talk
Open talk
talk about whatever you want
5382 891 .50 cal Kentucky Percussion R...
just now by cloudyj
Animal talk
Bear talk., Bird talk, Deer talk, Elk Talk, Predator talk, Coyote talk
Lets talk animals.
293 42 55Lb. male coyote
08/26 by hydiseka
Outdoor activities talk
Camping talk, Hiking talk, Atv talk
a place to talk about outdoor activities.
46 7 Pop up
06/16/14 by hydiseka
Homemade projects.
DIY projects
Post up your homemade projects.
117 13 Octagon shaped 8 sided huntin...
04/08 by coyote08
A place for you recipes
13 3 jerky question
01/20/13 by Dontknowjack
     Trailcam picures
Trailcam animal pictures - Homebrew
Homebrew picture contest, Bald eagle pictures, Bear pictures, Bobcat pictures, Buck pictures, Coyote pictures, Duck pictures, Elk Pictures, Fawn pictures, Doe Pictures, Fisher pics, Fox pictures, Grouse pictures, Gobbler pictures, Hawk Pictures, Hummingbird pictures, Linx Pictures, Martin pictures, Mink pictures, Moose pictures, Owl Pictures, Panther pictures, Pig pictures, Racoon pictures, Squirrel Pictures, Turkey pictures, Wolf pictures, Weasel Pictures
Lets see your animal pics.
8379 1281 Panasonic FP8 bucks
an hour ago by coyote08
Commercail cam pics
Commercial trailcam picture contests
post up your pics.
285 78 Little bear.
2 hours ago by coyote08
     Trailcam videos
Trailcam videos - Homebrew
A place to put you videos.
245 74 Fuji JZ250 videos
10/06 by wmeixsell
Video section (commercial)
Your commercial cam video talk.
10 6 buck rub video from a scoutgu...
02/01 by Vonfoust
     General Trailcam Talk
General trailcam talk
Batteries, Trailcam mounting systems, Memory Card Talk, Game camera setup discussion, Checking the cam stories
General Discussion
2230 298 Anyone try this cam mounting ...
an hour ago by zaj56
     Swap and shop
WTB, Vendor info
A place to sell and buy stuff
814 203 For Sale: Like New Nikon L14 ...
10/02 by wvridgerunner
Smartphone general discussion
Smartphone apps hunting, Smatphone apps Fishing, Smartphone apps trailcams
A place to talk smartohones
52 30 Backcountry Navigator Pro
01/26 by coyote08
Archery talk
A place to talk archery
471 56 Mathews Archery not for sale
03/31 by IroquoisArcher
Crossbow talk
A place for your crossbow talk
753 72 First crossbow..........
08/20 by IroquoisArcher
Gun hunting section
Reloading talk, Small game hunting talk
A place for you gun hunting talk.
171 20 PA opinons on anler restictin
09/24 by IroquoisArcher
Scents and lures
Lets talk trapping.
72 10 WOW!
05/06 by hydiseka
On the wall
Lets see pics of your catch
238 26 end of the season
05/30 by don
Hunting videos
Lets share your videos of animals you have killed or just watched from your stand.
5 3 Frisky little buck chasing do...
01/30 by buckshot164
Fish talk
Your catch, Bowfishing talk
Lets tak about fishing
69 11 Grandson's 8lb largemouth bas...
06/26 by bigbassmann
     Members health
a place to pray for members and wish them good health
355 48 Condolences and Prayers for R...
09/10 by Vonfoust
A place to share your health info
55 8 Jones fracture
07/21 by buckshot164
     Commercial trailcams
Commercial cam talk
Sample pics. , Post your videos (commercial)
Lets tak commercial cams.
103 28 Where Has Summer Gone! (PICTU...
08/31 by hydiseka
Commercial cam rating
Bushnell Ratings., Cuddeback ratings, Day 6 Outdoors., HCO Scoutguard, DLC Covert ratings, Leupold ratings., Moultrie Ratings, Old Boys Outdoors Little Accorn, Primos Ratings, Reconyx ratings, Simmons ratings, Spypoint ratings, Stealth cam ratings, Uway ratings, Wildgame ratings., Wildview ratings
Rate and find info about commercial cams.
74 52 Rate the Covert Reveal 8.0
11/22/13 by SwampYankee
     BEGINNERS SECTION New to homebrews
Newbie Q&A" section
A place for the beginner to ask questions. Please don`t be afraid to ask.
501 45 Quick Question Regarding Pain...
an hour ago by coyote08
How to build a trailcam
This is a trailcam section on videos or pdf to build a trailcam
34 7 Bilding a cam using the Critt...
03/14 by buckshot164
Homebrew building tools
List and posts on what tools you need or can use to build a cam.
28 7 Pelican cases & dimensions
06/06 by droopy
So you want to build a trailcam
Forum to get you started on building a trailcam. Info to get someone new started in homebrew trailcams.
60 14 Fresnel orientation
02/20 by IroquoisArcher
Trailcam terms.
A glossery of homebrew terms.
2 1 Trailcam glossery
01/23/14 by buckshot164
     Homebrew cams
Homebrew trailcam discussion
Build horror stories, Control board info, Homebrew operation Info, Externals ( trailcam), Solder tips, HOMEBREW PARTS, Cam building supplies, Solar panel info
Lets talk homebrews
3306 431 Latest 2 builds...503 Big Foo...
10/02 by The Phantom
Cam troubleshooting
Sony S40 cam troubleshooting, Sony P41 cam troubleshooting, Sony P32 cam troubleshooting, Sony S600 Troubleshooting, Panasonic cam troubleshooting., Fuji cam troubleshooting.
Having trouble with your cam working right. Just ask a question and we will find out why. Maybe the answer has already been posted. Good luck.
74 15 P32 LCD Issue
09/05 by buckshot164
Camera troubleshooting
Sony s40 troubleshooting., Sony S600 Troubleshooting, Sony P41 troubleshooting., Sony P32 troubleshooting, Sony P52 troubleshooting
Having trouble with your camera. Here is a forum to get some answers. If you cannot find the answer then just ask.
58 15 a503 blank screen after hack
08/24 by buckshot164
Camera templates
A place to post and find camera templates.
4 2 Sony S600
07/05 by NantucketShedHunter
Video cam discussion
IR array talk, Video camera control boards., Video sound talk, Color/night IR exchanger talk
Lets talk video cams.
57 10 Anything new on video cams
01/10 by buckshot164
Camera Memory
A place to discuss and post about camera memory sizes.
11 1 What are the optimum size?
02/03 by IroquoisArcher
Pictures of homebrew cams
Homebrew still camera build pics., Homebrew video build pics
Post up your pictures of y0ur builds.
924 177 CritterGetterMicro with S40 F...
an hour ago by coyote08
Slave flash
Vivitar 2000 slave info, Vivitar 2800, Vivitar 2600 slave flash, Vivitar 3700 slave flash, Vivitar 215 , Remote slave flash talk, Baby slave , Vivitar 91, Slave control boards, Wireless remote slaves
A place to put your slave flash info.
382 75 Wireless Remote Slave with Gu...
09/18 by The Phantom
DSLR talk
A place to talk about DSLR homebrew builds.
9 3 Upgraded my 600D build
05/22 by cloudyj
Sample pics from homebrews.
Post some pics from your homebrew. Give your camera make, model and settings if you can.
101 31 S600, CritterGetter Micro
10/06 by bigbassmann
     Homebrew services
Cam building services
A list of people that build cams.
1 1 Buckshot cams
01/22/14 by buckshot164
Camera hacks services
A list of people who hack cameras
4 1 buckshot164
01/22/14 by buckshot164
Cam repair services.
A list of people that repair homebrew cams.
3 1 buckshots cam repair.
08/03 by buckshot164
     Camera modification and settings section
Hackable camera list
A place to find cameras that can be hacked for a homebrew.
08/16 by tjones96761
IR hackable cameras list
A place to list the cameras that can be hacked for IR.
15 1 IR hackable cameras
07/29 by tjones96761
Homebrew camera settings.
A place to put your camera settings for the best pics.
38 19 panasonic fs7 settings
08/08 by don
Camera reviews and ratings
A place to rate your favorite homebrew camera. You can view what people think of these camera. Valuable information here on cameras that can be used for homebrews
86 47 Sony S40
08/06 by woody meristem
Camera and camcorder hacks
Fuji, Panasonic, Samsung, Nikon , Cannon, Pentax, Olympus, Jazz, DXG, Other , Kodak
Here is info on how to hack a camera to be used as a trialcam. Videos and hack points.
254 102 Olympus VR340 Hack Tutorial
14 hours ago by kdornski
     Infared section
A place for your IR camera info and talk
28 5 Need help with ir w7
08/07 by starkey_xl
IR array section
8 2 5W driver???
12/22/12 by Whitetail Whittle
     Snap shot sniper
Snapshot sniper talk
SS1 code, SS2 code
A place to talk about your snap shot sniper board.
17 12 SS1 bad opto
09/04 by buckshot164
     Safari Camera Controller
Safari Camera Controller talk
Safari add on boards talk, Safari Camera Controller programs., Safari build pics
A place to talk about the Safari camera control board.
144 41 New Backpacker
09/23 by coyote08
     Critter Getter Control board
Critter Getter talk
Critter Getter Programs, Critter Getter Micro programs., Critter Getter build pics.
Lets talk Critter Getter. Video control board.
46 17 critter getter micro(vertical...
07/30 by don
     Eagle Eye control board
Eagle Eye control board talk
Eagle eye control board programs, Eagle eye build pics
Talk about the eagle Eye control board.
33 9 Eagle Eye build with a DXG 56...
03/27 by cvsetter
New camera development
A place for new camera research
64 9 Help with panasonic LZ2 hackp...
05/26 by bigbassmann
     Research and development
A place for you picaxe info and questions
66 11 Help programming a 8M2 Chip
09/12 by IroquoisArcher
New video camera development
A place to discuss new video cameras.
0 0 No posts
A place for your info that just dosn`t fit anywhere.
25 5 Anyone know how to create a "...
02/06 by coyote08
Pictures of your pets
Post up the pics of your pets.
82 20 Camping buddies
02/10 by kdornski
Pet health
Post up things to help pet health.
14 2 Shots
02/06 by IroquoisArcher
Post you pics and share photography information
73 19 Beautiful Spinners
09/23 by bigbassmann
General Video
Show your videos that you catch while out and about.
2 1 Sick bear
06/05/12 by shedhunter
     3d Printing
3D printing
A place to talk about 3d printing parts for homebews.
28 3 Got the kit and have it assem...
06/06 by buckshot164
     Donations to forum
Donation to the forum
A place to find information on donating to the forum.
7 2 Donors list.
10/15/14 by buckshot164

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